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As a villa owner, take comfort in the knowledge that Sanur Villa Rentals Management Team has over 15 years local and industry based experience in ensuring that every detail about your villa is looked after as if you were doing it yourself, in other words we treat every property as if we own it.


Many Bali rental managers spread themselves too thin looking after properties all over the island but at Sanur Villa Rentals we specialise only in managing Sanur properties. We live in Sanur and work in Sanur to ensure that we are able to attend your property within minutes of any problem arising. This ensures both the property owner and rental client of undivided service and attention from our management staff.  


The level of care given to your investment, and level of detail and attention in every facet of managing that investment is second to none and we pride ourselves in a service to owners and renters alike not rivaled in Bali. All our staff are hand selected and "hotel" trained to ensure that your guests are well looked after during their stay with us. 


As a renter you should know that we treat all our guests like family and have many clients who regularly book their holidays with us year after year. So if it's service you are after then look no further than Sanur Villa Rentals for your next Bali holiday. We so look forward in hearing from you.


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