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Tripadvisor (the world's largest travel site) says,

"postcard-perfect beaches of Sanur are truly idyllic, the realisation of all those daydreams about Bali  vacations".


More laid-back than neighboring vacation destinations, Sanur is the type of place where hip Europeans who have outgrown the party scene come to recharge. Every year, the endless blue skies are peppered with flecks of vibrant color during the International Kite Festival held on Sanur Beach. Traditional fishing boats can be seen on the beach of Sanur offering a scenic view of the island Nusa Penida.


Thanks to an offshore reef creating a beautifil lagoon Sanur is a safe place to swim, dive and snorkel as well as a miriad of other aquatic sports like Jetskiing, sailboating, windsurfing and stand up paddleboarding (SUP).   

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